Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: Yes, we will ship outside the USA using USPS International Priority (www.usps.com). We have tiered the price depending on region. Canada add $40. Europe, Japan and China add $65. Australia and ROW add $75.

Please note that some countries like Australia, we are limited to a max total length of 42″ and max girth of 79″. Therefore, we are unable to ship the three cardboard arms in the package. You will need to find a long cardboard box from your local moving / storage company (like Kennards) and fabricate the arms yourself. Not ideal, but the alternative is spending over $200 for shipping.

Note to Australians – We may start local production in Australia in 2013 if there is enough interest. Please register your interest by emailing us at ask@thecardboardrobot.


Q:  What kind of computer do I need to use the Cardboard Robot?

A:  Currently the software is written for Windows and is working perfectly.  We plan to have a Mac OSX version ported over by the time we start shipping the product.


Q:  Will the Cardboard Robot work with my DSLR camera?

A:  No.  The Cardboard Robot is not designed to bear the weight of a DSLR.  Attach your DSLR to the end of a 2 meter stick, and you will appreciate the kind of torque we are dealing with.   However, if you modify the arms (make them shorter), you may be able to create something that meets your requirements.  Please make sure you test it over something soft, or else you may end up with a very expensive paperweight.


Q:  Will the Cardboard Robot work with my GoPro HD camera?

A:  Absolutely.  You may need to modify the camera mount.


Q:  How can I control the smart phone camera remotely?

A:  We have tested over 8 remote camera apps for the iphone4 and ipad.  We recommend Tap Video.  Please note that we are not affiliated with Tap Video in any way.


Q:  Can you program with Java Script or C++?

A:   Currently the software is written in C# for Windows.  All the C# code will be made available to Kickstarters, which could easily be made into a dll that could plug into your other applications.  If you feel strongly about having Java or C++ support, please send us an email and let us know.


Q:  Can it be back driven?  Can it learn commands by manually moving the arm like a Japanese servo fighting robot?

A:  No.  The Cardboard Robot uses stepper motors because of the torque and cost constraints.  Therefore we do not have the encoders needed to teach the manually program the robot arm.


Q:  Can it be controlled by a joystick or space mouse?

A:  Currently no, but hopefully you or someone in the community can help us add this.  If you feel strongly about having a joystick or other peripheral control, please let us know.  We would love to hear your feedback.


Q:  When you control the robot, do you control it by DOF angle or can you control it in Cartesian or polar coordinates?

A:   The current software controls the robot by DOF angle.  We have the math all worked out for polar and Cartesian coordinates, but have yet to implement it for fear of making the software overly complicated.  Let us know what you think.